So…  tickets to London are really cheap through British Airways right now, and I totally bought one!! I’m heading out for a long weekend (Thursday – Tuesday) at the end of February, beginning of March.  AND, included in my $550 RT fare is one free night of accommodation in London.  They advertise two free nights, but that’s only for double occupancy…  I would complain that this is a little discriminatory against single travelers, but today I’m thankful for being so very unattached that I can make decisions like “I’m going to England for five days” and worry only slightly about my plants (who have seen longer droughts than that, believe me).

So!  Hooray!  London!  And I’ll head up to York to visit friends there for a couple days!  I don’t think I’m going to go anywhere else — London, York — that’s quite enough for a short trip!  While I feel a little bit bad about spending so much money (even though it’s much cheaper than usual) on a short trip, the reality is this:  I won’t have many opportunities to take long trips for the foreseeable future, what with vacation time, and the times of year when it’s possible to take big chunks of it (summer, December — peak travel times, expensive).  Also, the exchange rate is better than it’s been in a long time (knock on wood).  So I need to jump on these opportunities when they arise, and enjoy them all the same.

In other news: I roasted my first chicken on Monday, and tonight I’m making my first chicken stock.  I’m using a Jamie Oliver recipe, and he says to throw in “flavorful root vegetables.”  So I reserved some beet peelings from the (flavorful root) vegetables I roasted with the chicken on Monday, and used them (in addition to lots of other stuff).  I’m sure it will taste fine, but the broth is a delightful pink color…



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5 responses to “England!

  1. Have fun! Instant traval is a tremendous benefit of being single and that is a heckuva deal.

  2. Wow, what a great trip. If you need anybody to peek in on your plants I’d be happy to.

  3. Lindsey

    Can I just say how absolutely jealous I am of you. I’m sure you will say hello to the Tate Modern for me :-). See you on Sunday.

  4. Barrett

    Yay!! It has been far too long (or fart oolong) since I’ve been to England. I’m so glad you are going! I shall live vicariously . . . but now that I’m back in touch with my school mates (from 1990!) via facebook, maybe I’ll get there sooner than I imagine. Happy Englanding!

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