The world is getting so exhaustingly cool.  Wow.

Check this out:

(and don’t just see it on YouTube — view it on Google Earth if you can, or at the very least here)

I’m just finishing Brian Eno’s A Year with Swollen Appendices, which is his diary from 1995.  He talks about things like CD-ROM technology.  And his Power Mac crashing periodically (he takes to working with a book balanced on his head so that every time it falls off, he remembers to save).  Also: lots of tapes (and speaking of tapes, I can’t get this out of my mind).  Anyway, it’s amazing how far we’ve come in just 14 years, how technology can really be used to make things accessible that most of us would never have the pleasure of seeing in person.  Even if you were physically at the Prado, you wouldn’t be able to see all of these details with your naked eyes, without the help of ladders, etc.  It’s just incredible.


The 150 Project was pretty easy this week.  I have so many leftovers.  I am still eating them.  I ended the week with $26.10 to spare, and I got a $47 haircut this week.  Things I haven’t done so far this month: eaten at Chipotle, let food go bad.  Things I’ve only done once:  bought a vending machine soda, dined out alone (it was a French fry fix…), shopped at Whole Foods ($1 for an onion).  I managed a haircut, a concert, and a happy hour on the budget.  Anyway, I’m feeling good about breaking habits…  and about being more conscious of my monetary actions in general.  And here’s my chart for the week:




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3 responses to “Exponential

  1. Lindsey

    That is definately cool. I miss doing things like visiting the Prado (as I miss most of the outside world at this point).

  2. Wow, you are doing well on your budget. Eric and I may need to join you. I wonder if the two of us could do $150 a week? How are you factoring in your rent?

  3. We decided that there are fixed monthly expenses (in my case rent, utilities) that aren’t really optional, so we’re not counting those. Also, there are fixed non-monthly expenses that are also not optional (car and renter’s insurance, dental appointments, for example), so we’re not counting those, either. There are also bigger expenses (in my case tuition, and I’m also including travel and gifts in this category because it provides more flexibility) that are optional, but that don’t really work on a “$150/week” plan. What I’ve done is split my single savings account into several smaller savings accounts (monthly expenses, non-monthly expenses, short-term savings, long-term savings). At the beginning of each month, I divide up my paycheck, and leave only $600 in my checking account to cover the $150/week.

    And Lindsey: Hooray that the Prado can come to you now!

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