So the ten-year anniversary of my high school graduation will be this summer.  I would say, “My ten-year reunion is this summer,” but as of yet there seem to be no plans.  I don’t want to plan it.  My friends who might are having babies (congratulations, one and all!).  It is also possible that I just kind of missed the boat, and it’s all happening on Facebook.  I, friends, am a Facebook dropout.

High school.  I had a miserable senior year.  The principal kind of gave me a hard time for ridiculous things (for example: taking calculus at the college because they didn’t offer it at the high school).  I was just ready to go.  I was so idealistic about college, too — you know, being around scholars all the time, etc.  Riiiiight.  I know now that I wouldn’t have liked it if it were like that…

Anyway, Stacy just posted about prom, and I love it.  All our 80s movie hopes falling flat like overpriced cardboard scenery, deflating like helium balloons, only more quickly…

I was locked out of one of my bank accounts last week (something to do with connecting it to financial software, etc.).  The customer service woman asked the usual questions, and then this: “Who did you go to prom with?”  “I wish I could forget!” “I think a lot of us are in the same boat.”  I told her, and could once again access my account online.  So I guess it was all for a reason.



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2 responses to “Decade

  1. Lindsey

    Glad you were able to gain access again to your account again. I think I am being left out of the ten year reunion plans at my high school. This is fine, because I was thinking of not going anyway. Hope you are doing well!

  2. Interesting that the sum of that experience, for you, is the security question for your bank account.

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