150 Project, Week 1

I got a new computer for Christmas.  It is gorgeous.  I’m blogging from my bed. 🙂


The first full week of the 150 Project ended at midnight.  It is really hard to spend only $150 in a week!  I was helped out by starting the week with some food in the fridge and freezer (because I had a false start on the project, really).  Being sick and needing tissues and cold medicine didn’t help, but really didn’t dent the budget too terribly, either (largely because I started to feel better).  I ended the week with $6.65 to spare, and this was the breakdown of my expenditures:

image“Personal” expenses cover tissue and cold medicine…  drugstore stuff, haircuts, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.  I dined out a mere three times (with Paul, Kris, Jenny, Barrett, and Beth — never alone!), and bought only one coffee (well, I bought two, but one was for my sister).  I also only went to Whole Foods once, to pick up an onion last-minute on the way to Christopher’s.  That single onion was a freaking dollar (and it wasn’t even very large!!).  It would have been $.44 at Sunflower Market, and I believe even cheaper at Vitamin Cottage.  It really illustrated the fact that it does make a difference where you shop, even for those staples that you think are more or less the same everywhere.  They are not.

I should mention that there are a few things I’m not counting as part of the $150/week budget:  monthly expenses like rent and utilities, other regular expenses like insurance and tuition, gifts, etc.  And I’ve sold a ton of books on Amazon.com this week — not counting the expense of shipping those, etc., but also putting the profits straight into savings.

All in all, I think this is a great exercise for me, and I can feel some habits changing already!

The outlook for this week is good:  I’m once again starting the week with a ton of food ready to eat and make (Spanish tortilla, tons of leftover fruit from a brunch today, leftovers from last night, and a bunch of soup in my freezer).  I do, however, have a haircut scheduled, and plans for a concert on Thursday…



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