Least Favorite Colds, Favorite Words

I won’t try to argue that there are good colds, but this, my friends, is a bad cold.  This cold would only ever get coal for Christmas it is so bad.  You would have to be carded to buy it (not that you would), and maybe even fingerprinted or retina-scanned, it is that bad.  It has so far interfered with four of my five senses (sight, smell, taste, and hearing).  I am just sort of over it, but the thing is it’s apparently not done with me.  And it’s that time of night when it’s kind of too late to take DayQuil, but kind of too early to take NyQuil.  So what do you do?  Administer some antibiotic eye drops and wait for a more acceptable NyQuil hour (like 8:30).


Buying drugs (generic brand) and tissue (super spectacular lotiony softness — and my nose is still a little Rudolph-y) did me in on the $150/week project (AKA from here on out “The 150 Project).  But then a fortuitous thing happened yesterday:  Christopher (my partner in 150-Project crime) called and said, “Oh, you started on the first?  It just made more sense for me to start on the 4th, since it’s a Sunday,” etc., etc.  So I’m re-starting, effective yesterday, so that we’re on the same schedule.  I’ll just consider January 1-3 a half-week practice run, Week 0, if you will.  A Week 0 in which I spent $86.03 on not very much, testing the waters, finding them unfriendly but swimmable.

One more thing!  You all know how much I love the OED, right?  Well, Powell’s Books (which I also love very much) is having a contest in which you simply comment on your favorite word, and they choose their favorite comment…  The commenter then gets — what else? — the full print version of the OED.  I really, really want it (and will even get rid of other books to make room for it!), but some people came up with really lovely words…  like the girl who chose “depend”…  Sigh.


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  1. Oh, I love the contest. It was fun to look through some of the answers!

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