…And Speaking of Fancy New Hospitals…

…I got to visit the new hometown hospital this morning.  Nothing’s wrong.  Or at least nothing is terribly wrong.  I have an eye infection.  How does one pick up pink eye in the absence of children?  Apparently it’s possible, and I have it, on top of a pretty nasty cold.  There aren’t any Kaiser providers down here, so my insurance will only pay if I’m seen at an emergency room or urgent care center (which I think is totally ridiculous, but whatever…).  So this morning, after prying my eyes open, I drove myself to the new hospital’s emergency room so I could get antibiotics and hope for the best (i.e. a bacterial and not a viral infection).


The hospital was pretty much like a high school reunion, or would have been if I were a few years younger.  Not in terms of patients, but in terms of staff.  Which is kind of fun and kind of awkward.  Present were: the daughter of the guy who’s doing some woodwork at my parents’ house (whose sister I went to school with), the girl who my sister’s high school ex-boyfriend rebounded with, and my good friend’s cousin.  All in all, it was pretty painless…

…And then there was the trip to the pharmacy, where the same pharmacist is still working.  He was getting pretty old when I was here, so I was surprised him ten years later.  He remembered me, asked how I was, where I was, how long I’d been away, and if I had a husband and kids.  “Not yet,” I answered.  “You must not be trying, then.”  Which I think means that if I were trying, it wouldn’t be that hard.  Anyway, that’s how I’m going to take it.


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  1. I love those awkward family related (kids, marriage, etc.) conversations! My favorite is when people feel completely free to follow it up with a big fat “WHY” (haven’t you had kids or whatever) as though they are entitled to an explanation.

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