1.) Cary Tennis is my favorite person, and he keeps saying things I need to hear:

In the case of writing and rewriting a paragraph 20 times or 50 times, we may fear the plainness and simplicity of what is in our minds; we may fear that unless we unleash a dazzling fusillade of verbal inventiveness, the reader will turn away in boredom and disgust. So we keep tinkering, trying to perfect the bomb.

2.) It is true, if Melissa told me to try jumping off a cliff, that it was great and she really enjoyed it, I probably would (this girl is a tastemaker).



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  1. sunflowerluv

    yeah that does happen when you write for others.. I wonder how and when or blogger-mind changes from writing for ourselves to writing for others, the craze with how many visitors you’ve got and the statistics. it sure depends on your purpose, when it comes to blogging at least 🙂

    but I like that quote a lot!!! it is often so true!

  2. sunflowerluv

    oh and Happy Holidays! 🙂

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