I’ve been reading Cary Tennis’s advice column, Since You Asked, on Salon.com, and I just love him:

Your inner state is not easily conveyed to others via clothing and choice of music, nor easily converted into markers of status and money, or into marketable skills. Nonetheless, it is the more enduring and durable of human qualities. It will get you through things. It might even get you through a high school reunion.

Speaking of high school reunions, has anyone heard anything about mine?  I almost wish I were still on Facebook for this sole purpose…  But not badly enough to re-join the ranks of Facebookers.

Last weekend was lovely, languorous.  We ate, we lounged, and then we went to Mesa Verde and checked out the cliff dwellings.  The trip back to Denver was not so languorous.  Part of my usual route was closed, so I cut over to Colorado Springs, and it took me over three hours to get through this stretch of road.  I was in a remarkably great mood considering, though, and listened to a lot of music on my trusty iPod.  I think the iPod made all the difference.  If I had been limited to Weekend NPR and top 40 music stations, I would not have been quite so happy.


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  1. melissa

    Oh cool! Did I turn you on to this? I’ve been a faithful reader of Since You Asked for years now. It’s always one of the highlights of my day. I even went so far as to write to him once from deep in the heart of long-distance drama. He wrote me back saying he’d publish my letter if he could think of any advice. Apparently, my situation stumped him as much as it did me; it was never printed. Still, I often find myself asking “what would Cary do?”

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