Most people in Denver are pretty ecstatic about the unseasonably nice weather we’ve been having (78 degrees today!). I’m enjoying it, too, but the neurotic part of me is a little bit disgusted by it because I don’t think it’s such a good sign for the world or things to come. A friend reminded me of the Postal Service lyrics this weekend:

The people thought they were just being rewarded
For treating others as they like to be treated
For obeying stop signs and curing diseases
For mailing letters with the address of the sender
Now we can swim any day in November

It all seems a little suspect if we can just get past the “Should I wear a jacket today? How about capris? Should I take my lunch in the sun or in the shade?” moments in our day…

Speaking of jackets and capris… I am certainly no fashionista, but there are things even I wouldn’t do. Wearing a wool coat with mock-Burberry plaid-print capris is not a good idea in November, or in any month. In fact, can I briefly express my disdain for actual Burberry plaid? You spent a lot to look kind of silly and you want everyone to know! We get it! I know you may not all agree, and you have a right to your opinions, but that’s mine. I have a tough time deciding whether I like faux Burberry more (because at least it wasn’t stupidly expensive) or less (because it tries to look stupidly expensive).

The warmth expands the wardrobe a bit, which is nice because it allows you to do laundry less often (though in my office it’s always somewhere around freezing, no matter the time of year). The warmth presents problems for temperature regulation when the best way to control the temperature of your apartment is by (mis)using the oven and windows. The down comforter is a distant thought still, the light quilt a little too light. I toss and turn all night — too hot, too cold, too hot again.

And speaking of covers (sort of), I have decided that I have a tendency to really love cover songs. Like this. Why do I love this so much? Because the Chapin Sisters completely change Britney Spears into something not only tolerable, but actually nice. Or this, because in this form it doesn’t remind me of Delta Gammas. Ahh… Tonight brought a blog post with some good covers here and (just now, looking for those Postal Service lyrics) this list from the New York Post. I should make my own little compilation sometime in the near future.

Stay warm. Or cool. Or whatever.



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3 responses to “Covers

  1. Good morning.

    We were just discussing the weather (and its impact on allergies) when I happened upon your page for the day. This weather is ridiculous.

    I like the end of this post, because I call my cover song playlist ‘blanket’ on my ipod.

  2. I am really put off when people couple wool socks (or any socks) with sandals. For some reason it really gets my goat.

  3. Bryce

    The warm weather lately makes me think of this song by Jill Sobule:

    Ahhhh, lovely cover songs. I need to dig up my collection of “Tainted Love” covers. Everything from techno to Goth.

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