Train of Thought

One of the undergrads is hanging an installation piece in the lobby at work that is basically sheep or goats or something hanging from the ceiling.  When I first saw it, I thought of Bruce Nauman, thinking he used something more livestocky than greyhounds in his animal works:



I think the hanging-ness of it somehow had me thinking of a cross between Nauman and Francis Bacon:


Actually the young artist is looking more at Cai Guo-Qiang (who I’ve actually written about very briefly):


Kind of morbid.  Animals suspended, etc.  Particularly the Bacon painting (or theme of oh-so-many of his paintings) reminded me a little bit of parts of Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, in which he talks a fair amount about different methods of animal slaughter, which are humane (if any), etc.  (Sorry vegan readers, to even mention it).

And then on my way home I read a chapter of my latest reading project, Oliver Sacks’ An Anthropologist on Mars.  It was a case study of an autistic woman, Temple Grandin, who has managed to achieve some pretty incredible things in spite of (and maybe in part because of) her cognitive deficits.  She is a professor (just a few miles north, actually) and studies and teaches animal science, focusing most specifically on more humane designs for facilities used in (I’m trying to think of a euphemism here, but whatever — it is what it is) animal slaughter.

Anyway.  It’s not the train of thought I’m most pleased to have, but it’s a train nonetheless.  I’m going to try to refocus on laundry and paper-writing for the next couple hours…


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  1. I am happy you are even putting thought into it.

    (I’m one of the vegan readers)

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