The Pie of People You Will Meet in This Whole Lifetime

This is revised from an e-mail from a few weeks back…

This probably sounds bad, but I find approximately 87% of the general population completely intolerable for more than a few minutes at a time.  I sometimes think this percentage is actually even higher, but even 88% sounds just a little too misanthropic.  I would claim the other 13% as friends, acquaintances, or people I’d like to know better, but when it comes to dating, to things like weekend trips and sleeping over and seeing someone’s nose pores up close and letting them see yours on a regular basis and factoring them into your decisions about the future, the range of potential becomes quite narrow, an almost inconsequential sliver of the Pie of People You Will Meet In This Whole Lifetime.  Only it is *so* consequential, that little sliver.  We’ll mostly meet people who don’t work for us in general.  We’ll meet a few who will work for us as friends, and a tiny handful who will work for us in romantic ways.  And then you have to overlap your Pie of People with someone else’s Pie of People, Venn-diagram style, and see if your slivers overlap at all.  Sort of like this:

This is all a bit grim, but there are people out there for us.  I’ve broken up with people and been broken up with for the reason of impassion (in some cases mine, in some theirs).  It’s all relative.  We only show part of ourselves to anyone; who are we to know whether someone is impassioned?  Who are they to know if we are?  I think it’s sometimes about nurturing passion than finding it already intact.  Maybe we should look for “Passion Potential” in others…

Also:  Never take relationship advice from single girls who quite obviously haven’t figured it out for themselves.  They just rant and make things up (sometimes supported by complex diagrams, even), and you can’t trust their advice.



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4 responses to “The Pie of People You Will Meet in This Whole Lifetime

  1. You should make your pie charts into coasters or something. I bet they’d sell!

  2. Morning. I love this post. Your pictures, though, are giving me 502 errors: bad gateway.

  3. I agree with the idea of nurturing passion.

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