Look who I spent my afternoon with (along with several hundred others):

(For you non-Coloradoans, that’s Senator Ken Salazar behind Senator Clinton.) We were only about 30 feet away from them! I like being in a battleground state, but it does make me nervous! Coloradoans keep in mind that you can vote early (even this weekend!), and I believe you can still request a mail-in ballot, too (though mine has yet to arrive, and it’s making me oh-so-anxious). Barack Obama himself will be here on Sunday…



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2 responses to “Battleground

  1. I just voted (for Barack, of course). Jeremy did too (earlier this week).

    Sounds cool. I have a local friend who’s going to see Obama on Sunday. I probably can’t go but it is kind of exciting. But it’s leaning Obama so we’ll rooting for them!



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