Starbucks Just Got Sweeter…

…But not in a good way! Starbucks recently switched from Silk soy milk to something new. But here’s the thing: the new stuff is even sweeter than the super-sweetened Silk!! Why would they do this? Why is there this idea out there that soy milk needs to be sweet? It’s like beans in Great Britain (which are canned in sugar water for some reason) (and vile!). Ugh.

ALSO: Based on this drink nutrition calculator, I think they give the Canadians good, unsweetened soy! This is so obnoxious! If you can’t tell, I’m outraged! The only good solution is to write to them and then wholeheartedly boycott them, which won’t be that hard (I don’t go that often, anyway, and it’s not that much farther to get to a great independent coffee shop during the day)… I’m still really annoyed, though… I almost think it’s criminal, just another example of how companies manipulate customers so they buy things at the cost of their health.



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3 responses to “Starbucks Just Got Sweeter…

  1. Ewwww, their soy already makes my teeth feel like they are rotting out of my head.

  2. jfochek

    The Canadians also get better-tasting, healthier items in the food case at Starbucks. What’s the deal, seriously?

  3. I wonder how sweet the soy milk is in China at Starbucks? Since the melamine scare, you can only get soy.

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