Like it’s Our Fault…

In the NY Times this morning:

Like we consumers are to blame.  Like we should go out and spend money like before, even though it costs more to feed and fuel ourselves, our investments are dwindling, and some of us are defaulting on mortgages.  Yes, folks, it’s getting worse, and it’s because we’re not being good American consumers…  Whatever.

I’m cutting back.  Are you?



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4 responses to “Like it’s Our Fault…

  1. I’m in full-on panic mode about my expenses. I think everyone should be.

  2. Same here. Can barely afford to pay bills. In fact, we’ve had to put off some bills, push them ever forward. Thankfully there is a bit of improvement after this month but not much! Part of this is due to some medical expenses (even WITH insurance) from early this year that laid us flat out (cost us about 4k out of pocket. Ugh.) and took all of the money we had which we usually stretch throughout the year.

  3. kris

    But it’s our “patriotic duty” to spend spend spend! Remember that little nugget from seven years ago?

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