The New Black

According to a (quite helpful) fashion advice conversation yesterday, gray is the new black this year. This is good news for me.

I like a lot of colors in general. But when it comes to clothing, my taste is inveterate. I like the following: black, gray, white, brown (to some extent), blue, muted greens, and cranberry/maroon-ish colors. That is all. I hardly have anything I actually wear that doesn’t fit into these categories. And I don’t wear patterns.

Anyway, with these self-imposed fashion limitations, I have good clothing years (lots of neutrals and subdued colors) and bad clothing years (colorful). I have to say this looks like a good year.

And to my fashion advisor: Thanks!

Also, can I just brag momentarily that I bought a (navy blue) J.Crew skirt yesterday for $17?  Original price:  $98.  And it’s exactly the sort of thing I would have pined for but not bought for more than $40-$50…


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One response to “The New Black

  1. OO! Congrats on your color congruence!

    Oh goodness. I’m envious! I need some winter clothes…badly. Must get $$$$…

    I think you’re the kind of person who could wear a potato sack and look good. I, however, cannot do that! But I do love to dress in wild colors and clownish, odd ensembles. I guess I’m your opposite in that respect…although I do have my more subdued color days as well.

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