Internal Six-Year Olds and Their Appetites

Growing up, we ate pretty healthy stuff. We liked vegetables and were trained to think that sugar did not belong in coffee or tea (which we couldn’t drink until we were older, anyway), and that Oreos were pretty much gross. Still, when we went grocery shopping with my mom, we inevitably wanted all of the usual stuff: Chef Boyardee, Lunchables, Smucker’s Goober (you know — the peanut-butter-and-jelly-in-one-jar concoction), Strawberry soda, basically everything stationed near the checkout line, etc., etc., etc. When it came to cereal, there were the usual acceptable kinds: Chex, Shredded Wheat, Rice Crispies, Grape Nuts, Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Raisin Nut Bran (fondly referred to as “Bug Cereal”). “Bear Mush,” which is a cute name for a no-nonsense whole grain hot cereal, was a treat. There were also forbiddens: Lucky Charms, Cocoa or Fruity Pebbles, Apple Jacks, Cap’n Crunch, Frosted Flakes, and pretty much anything with a prize. Strangely, though, there were occasional acceptables that very much resembled forbiddens: namely Super Golden Crisp and Fruit Loops. My mom swears it was because we wouldn’t eat Lucky Charms, etc., and they’d sit in the back of the pantry going stale for the next couple of years. I think she had a secret penchant for Fruit Loops.

Anyway. Today at the grocery store I was going to buy some fruit and some sparking water (my greatest downfall (that I’m confessing to here), after chips and salsa). I ended up spending $30 on basically whatever I felt like getting. I was like a six-year-old with better taste and no internal mother saying, “No, put it back.” I ended up with the following splurge items: gluten-free, dairy-free cookie dough ice cream (this stuff is actually really good!!), some Odwalla juice, and figs. Mmm, figs. Also, what I went in for: salad fixings, calcium supplements, peaches, water. At the cash register I added in some 100% cacao nibs covered in 70% dark chocolate with espresso. For good measure.

All of this after I was pretty sure I would only eat vegetables for a week after my trip to Wyoming. We ate very, very well when we were fed, but when we fended for ourselves I ended up on a diet of mostly Nut Thins, hummus, mixed nuts and generic Good & Plenty candies (which are not gluten-free) from a bowl on Lacey’s mom’s coffee table, and Skittles, which I just discovered are gluten-free. Who eats Skittles for breakfast? I’d be better off with Lucky Charms. Probably even with Lucky Charms marshmallows only. I bet they make your teeth feel slightly less furry. But anyway. On the way home I hit my lowest point at a truck stop in Rawlins, Wyoming, which has probably seen many a lowest point. I picked up a box of Skittles Chocolate Mix to examine. Luckily Erica saw it happen and said, “Those are disgusting!!” (With at least two exclamation points, even!!) It was a moment of reflection, and I might be over the Skittles thing for a while.

In other food news, my sister just directed me to this blog, where two architects in New York (who she says are very cool) post pictures of what they eat for lunch every day. And for afternoon snack. I am envious because my meals don’t look like that. But inspired…


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  1. A very lovable post. And nostalgic. I can totally relate to your shopping experience and I really should try that GF LF cookie dough stuff. Been hearing about it.

    I have my dad’s semi-curse to wanting to take pictures of everything I cook–even if it’s ugly.

    Have a swell day.


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