Goodness, Gracious. I am Tired.

Sorry for the little hiatus, folks.  I was bridesmaiding in Jackson Hole over the weekend.  The wedding (of the lovely Lacey and Paul) was beautiful, held in a teeny tiny chapel in Grand Teton National Park.  Every detail was so “them,” from the hair accessories to the Converse sneakers the groomsmen wore.  I have to say that the parties were my favorite part.  The rehearsal dinner was held at this “party house” — a place that the owners use only for parties.  There was even a horse that would come up and nuzzle us as we stood around the fire on the patio, drinking and eating passed hors d’oeuvres.  I don’t know how much the horse was paid for looking cute, but probably a lot.

And the wedding reception:  I have never been to a reception (probably because of the reserved nature of my family and most of my relatives (and me)) where everyone danced.  Seriously — everyone was out on the dance floor shaking their booties to whatever song came next.  Fun?  Most certainly.

Nice as Wyoming is, though (especially that particular part), seeing the Denver skyline again this afternoon sparked joy into my heart.  I love going away.  But I really love coming home.


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  1. Welcome back.

    I first experienced the “everybody dance” phenomenon at a reception in Montreal. Slowly, all the people like me peeled out of seats and joined in. Even when the music switched to like a bossa nova, no one sat down. It is sort of a beautiful, tiny social revolution.

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