A (Teeny) Tiny Part of Me Misses Social-Networking Sites

I pulled down my MySpace and Facebook accounts in June, when I was also thinking of not blogging (because it got so tedious there for a while).  I’m glad I didn’t quit blogging, but I went months without regretting the MySpace-free and Facebook-free life I’d created for myself.

Why did I do it?  I was tired of these awkward situations I kept getting into.  Like checking people’s sites to see what they were up to, even though I wouldn’t call them or e-mail them to find out the same.  Finding out things I didn’t feel like I was meant to know because of status updates and bulletins, etc.  Worrying that my professional life, my social life, and my family life would collide somehow, ending in disappointment all around.  Silly stuff, really.

But now I’m kind of thinking, “How will I ever know what’s going on with Melissa/Leah/Elyse/Hilliary from elementary school if I can’t passively ‘keep up’ with them from afar?” “What if I don’t get invited to a ten-year reunion next year because no one can find me?”  “How else will I know when Elaine makes a new German word for which English has no equivalent (like ‘Blinderflecknostalgie,’ German for ‘fond memories for things you never experienced’)?”  Also: cousins.  I may never see them again (I’m sure I will, but I won’t see Brittany’s baby grow over time, only in several-year spurts, and I won’t know when Dennis has sent a bulletin saying he is bored and wants to know who’s going to Taco Bell with him right now (at 1:30 a.m.)).  And the cool library student (student no more, actually!) who is moving for her new job — how will I keep up with her?

I think I’ll get over it.  But they do make (loosely) keeping in touch very convenient, those social-networking sites…



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2 responses to “A (Teeny) Tiny Part of Me Misses Social-Networking Sites

  1. E.K. Wimmer

    My friend asked me to join a site called Twitter. I didn’t, but it’s like facebook or myspace. The difference is you only write a sentence about what you’re up to, that’s it. So you can keep up with lives without having a big profile.

  2. Join us evil social networkers! Well–we shall miss you m’dear. Of course I am still reading your blog so that’s swell.

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