Two More Days

Yay, Okkervil River!  Their new album comes out on Tuesday, and I’m so excited.  I’m still sad they’re not coming through Denver.  For an album preview of sorts, check out their YouTube channel, where other bands have been playing the songs from their new album…  Oh, the anticipation.  I can’t get it before work on Tuesday, and I have class right after, so I think I’ll head to Twist and Shout as soon as I’m done and pick it up.  Digital is an option, of course, but I need the liner notes for some albums, you know?

Other upcoming music news:  Jenny Lewis plays in Boulder and Denver next week (well, Tuesday, September 16), just before her album, Acid Tongue, is released.  I love Rilo Kiley, but Jenny Lewis solo is my favorite.  Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter will also be in Boulder that week.  Laura Marling will be here September 23 — I haven’t heard a ton of her stuff, but I like what I have heard…

In other news, the MCA Denver will feature Damien Hirst next month.  The image they’ve used on their publication materials is disturbing (I have to say I’m a little bothered by his works that feature animals…  but I do eat meat, and really, is it different?  Yes, somehow).  Still, will I go see it?  Yes.


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  1. Maria Rose

    Yep, Damien Hirst is NOT my favorite artist.

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