Things I’m Glad I Can’t Eat, Part 1

Tasty Tuesday Flaming Hot Cheeto Loaf, shared by Christopher, via the Dlisted blog (they often post Cheeto recipes when they talk about Britney Spears).


The rules of this series are few but important:

1.) No offense shall be taken.  You don’t like eggplant/Lara Bars/figs/tofu/Wendy’s French fries/anchovies, I don’t like black pudding/salmon (unless it’s smoked)/bubble tea/Nilla wafers/hot dogs/sea urchin:  It doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

2.) You can send your suggestions to me for consideration.

3.) No, I won’t try the majority of these before posting them.

4.) In some cases, I technically could eat what I mention (i.e. it doesn’t include glutenous or lactose-laden ingredients), but I probably would never.


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