Two Farewells

Today when I switched from NPR to my usual music station, KCUV, I thought the music was funny today.  The Eagles, ZZ Top, Madonna. I wondered if maybe the usual DJ is off for Labor Day.  Or maybe I just don’t usually listen in the middle of a weekday, and it’s geared towards a different crowd?  When I got back into my car this afternoon, the same, not-my-kind-of-music was playing, and eventually they read the call letters.  KCUV, my dear friends, is no longer, and now merely simulcasts Jack FM.  Which I think is stupid.  I’m all for having a variety of stations, but there’s really no good reason to broadcast the same thing on two different frequencies.  And Jack is one of those big stations, and they beat out a little local one.  Are there even stations left that will play a request if it isn’t “on their list” of approved songs?  I know of KGNU, but it feels a little too alternative (and I can’t always pick it up because it’s an AM station).  Who will play Patty Griffin and Wilco and Ryan Adams?  Sigh.

Who will I miss more than KCUV, even?  Beth and Anne, who head out tomorrow for uncharted territory (okay, the northern Midwest).  Much, much more, though I think they’ll love their new home, and I wish them all the best.


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  1. Kelli

    Sigh. I, too, am heartbroken that my favorite radio station is gone. I can’t believe some people called KCUV’s playlist “too eclectic”–is such a thing possible? My next task: find the broadcasting company’s contact information and send them a letter telling them about my disappointment.

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