Late Summer: One Person, Two Perspectives

I think as long as I’m in this job, late summer will be my least favorite time of the year.  It’s okay to have a least favorite time of the year, right?  Even in a job that’s good, that you like?  Yes.  And this is it.  Transition isn’t easy, and it’s always a time of transition:  There have been major space changes the last two years, staff changes every year, equipment changes this year, software changes both years, faculty changes last year, and LOTS of last-minute orders because summer slips through everyone’s fingers too quickly.  We all start stressing out, and people get snappy with me (and I get snappy with them), and I take it personally (which I know I shouldn’t do).  The next 2-3 weeks are probably my busiest weeks of the year, and they’re also when my annual review has to take place, which makes about 0 sense, but whatever.  On the other hand, my days are full and they fly by; in some ways I prefer the immediacy of the “never having enough time” mode to the “which long-term project should I work on” mode, though they certainly both have their upsides and downsides…

So.  That’s work.  I always feel weird when I post about work (what if coworkers read this?  What if a future employer does?), but really:  I think it’s okay to say I’m a little stressed now, but dealing with it.  It all turned out just fine last year, and it will again.

I’m in my hometown tonight, here for a wedding tomorrow.  A friend is marrying a guy from New York City (ish).  On her family’s ranch.  In a hayfield.  Reception in the barn….  I’m totally looking forward to observing signs of culture shock.  And to spending a couple of slow-paced days with my family.  Specifically looking forward to soaking in the hot tub (a new addition since I left home) under a cool, clear sky filled with more stars than you can even imagine seeing.  In the city we forget the stars, and it’s a shame…  I can’t even count how many years it’s been since I’ve seen a falling star, and it used to seem commonplace.


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  1. Lindsey

    I miss the stars, too. Say hello to them for me :-). Have fun at the wedding.

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