List of Incoherence

1.) Chocolate-covered salt sounds freaking good. Have I posted about this yet? No, I think it’s been a feature of two dead posts…

2.) I had a goal to cook for myself tonight, and did. I made pasta (gluten-free Tinkyada, which is delicious if you cook it for 4 minutes less than the package specifies (at least at high altitude, not sure about others, though I would suspect they’d need even less time…)) with a jar of sauce augmented with fresh veggies and extra garlic. Tasty, simple, bachelorette-like. But I’m insatiable today, and ended up having popcorn and Sauvignon blanc later on, anyway. Part of me thinks popcorn and Sauvignon blanc is the perfect meal. That part of me probably won’t survive into “actual” adulthood (when does that start? 30?).

3.) I tried to find the perfect flip-flops to replace my broken ones tonight. It was a failed search. There are just not enough results out there, just one cute pair at Aldo, which wasn’t available in my all-too-common size.

4.) I also looked for my makeup, which apparently “has been discontinued since, like, 2005,” which, like, I had no idea about. So now I’m faced with a decision: track down the Estée Lauder stuff my skin seems to find acceptable, and cling to it for three more years (that’s the shelf-life if I stock up now), or take a risk, maybe something I can get at Target for 1/3 the price?… Ugh. I hate that I even wear the stuff. But, in certain situations, I feel better when I do. Sometimes I think no one notices, but other times I think everyone unconsciously notices if my little skin imperfections are covered up to some extent, and they treat me differently whether they know it or not. Maybe I act differently behind the guise of Estée Lauder Equalizer in Ivory, unconsciously, and others, equally unconsciously, respond… Maybe there are people out there who actually (or unconsciously) think, “She could really use some eyebrow shadow!” The point is: I don’t really want to spend $30+ on bottles of foundation, however long it takes me to go through them. I also don’t want to smell like Cover Girl or Maybelline, ever (ever again), to be honest. And I don’t want to introduce something to my skin that will hurt it… Nor do I want to let mere makeup be the sole factor between me and that chance at upward mobility!! Ugh. Men don’t even have to think about this, and I hate them for it, just a little…

5.) While I was in Nordstrom (because Macy’s didn’t have my makeup, nor did Saks (a store I’d never once been into before tonight, actually)), I thought I’d check out their shoes to see what kind of flip-flop alternatives they had. Not much. The salesman asked how I was, and the dialog went like this:

Me: Good. Well, actually, not good. I’m having the worst shopping luck tonight. My makeup is discontinued, and I need sandals at the end of August, when they’re obviously out of season. Look at me! I’m wearing these because my nice ones broke!

Him: [silence as he looks down at my feet]

Me: [pointing out the obvious, because he has too much tact…] They are a hidden advertisement for Miller Lite, and I’m tired of wearing them and need something nicer!

Him: How about some Reefs? [which Nordstrom does not sell!!!]

Me: I definitely need something nicer than Reefs…

Him: [walks away, silently]

He could have sold me something!!!! All I needed was either a.) this is our best-selling, no-heel flip-flop (on sale or otherwise) among the young, sophisticated, and beautiful, and oh-my-god your feet are so lovely in it!,

or b.) take a look at these in-style, in-season closed-toed flats (on sale or otherwise), they’re even comfortable, and they suit your style so well, you’re lovely!! But no, he walked away. Ass. Anyway… To the Nordstrom Salesman: Just because you work at Nordstrom doesn’t mean you don’t still work in Denver. Denverites are friendly, and you should be, too. Your snobbiness isn’t valued here, thankyounotmuchatall.



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4 responses to “List of Incoherence

  1. Hehhee I loved this post! Wow, I’m so sorry about your bad shopping experience. For the brief period that I worked in retail (maternity), I really wanted to be nice to the customers. It was one of my main goals. I even gave them discounts that I shouldn’t have given them. One time I gave like 90% off because they somehow convinced me that it was appropriate. I’m not sure corporate appreciated that.

    That sales rep is evil. I’m a bit of a rabble-rouser sometimes but I would’ve asked to talk to the manager or something. That is not right!!

    Hooray for Tinkyada!!!! Unfortunately it doesn’t work so well in chicken-noodle soup (GF), which I made not too long ago. It breaks down too much after a while. Unless you eat it all in one day.

    Anyway, perhaps this is not a very useful bit of information but I recommend mineral foundation. There’s a brand (Physician’s formula), that’s more expensive than some of the cheaper ones.

    It’s supposed to be good for break-out prone skin, etc.
    I have been using it for the past several months and I still like it better than any other foundation I’ve used. And when I actually washed my face I didn’t break out. I think that’s more due to the fact that I rarely remember to wash my face before bed, etc. Bad me. I’m gonna try the MyChelle face stuff this next week or so.

    Shane and Mira bought a painting from me. Isn’t that sweet?

    Well I wish you a lovely rest of the week.


  2. p.s. you can buy the Physician’s Formula stuff at Walgreens.

  3. E.K. Wimmer

    I like the Miller Lite flip-flops. They have attitude.

  4. strider

    As for foundation, I like Aveda’s Moisture+Tint. It’s light and doesn’t feel like makeup, but helps me get that unconsciously being treated better feeling. Good luck in your searching! :^)

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