Failed Attempts at Frugality

A few weeks ago I decided it was ridiculous to keep spending $17 on tiny bottles of natural facial cleansers (from MyChelle), and I could go back to spending half that amount on the regular (gigantic) kind I used to use (Cetaphil).  First my face started breaking out — whatever, I figured it would clear up as my skin got accustomed to the old stuff.  But then my upper lip started to become miserably chapped and swollen and itchy. WTF?  I thought that would go away with time, too, but it seems to just be getting worse, and I am not enough of a planner to always have chapstick around, and I don’t really like the idea of using one product to solve the problem another one creates.  So I’m back to the tiny $17 bottles of MyChelle Honeydew Cleanser, and this particular attempt at budgeting has failed.  The reason I switched in the first place was that MyChelle doesn’t contain supposed cancer-causing parabens, so maybe my upper lip is just repulsed that I would start putting parabens on it again.  Or something.



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2 responses to “Failed Attempts at Frugality

  1. Ahh does Mychelle work well? I can’t remember if I’ve tried them or not. I’ve been too pimply lately. Driving me nuts. I am getting tired of using soap on my face. I think it’s doing a number on my skin. For some reason I just stopped using facial cleansers because I didn’t know which one to buy…

  2. I really like the gentler products they put out (like the honeydew cleanser). Some of their lotions are a little to heavy for me, and one of the facial cleansers is pretty harsh for my skin (but works great for a friend). I find that changes in the weather (like all of this moisture we’ve had) change my skin. And that I need to give a new product as much as a month before I decide if it works or not… As always, though, it’s different for everybody.

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