Love/Hate Denver

This city feels suffocatingly small lately, and I feel the urge to either remove myself or certain others from its limits. But it still didn’t deserve to be written up as hokey and backwards by the NYT. Examples:

“some delegates may find it hard to see the gold here without first striking the surface”

“familiarize yourself with local issues by watching the zipper that rings The Rocky Mountain News building near Cleveland Place: ‘Wolves Now Under State Protection … Bison Slaughter Probe May End Next Week … Police: Angry Husband Kills Cat …'”

“There’s no getting around Denver’s culinary specialty, red meat…”

I don’t even think they made great recommendations…  Seriously — directing visitors to the Mile High Flea Market?  This isn’t The Onion, but I sure hope the reporter is engaging some satire. I kind of hate the NYT today, but I’m sure I’ll get over it. If you go to this website, you can hear a friend’s (amazing) band play the song that keeps running through my head as I read this article. You can probably guess which song it is…


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