So I got my first completed ceramic piece back last night. It’s, um, kind of hideous. I’m not going to post photos here. Sorry.

I have this devious idea to save all of my failings up until Christmas, and then give them away as “heartfelt,” “handmade” gifts just to see how people react to them… I would write little notes like this with each one:

Dear _______,

I made this chalice especially for you because I know how much you like to drink. After much deliberation, a few trial runs, and some failed attempts, I finally came up with a design that fits your style perfectly, and I’m sure you’ll love it. I can’t wait to stop by again so I can see it in use. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure the glaze was marked “food-safe.”

Etcetera. They’re that bad. I’m sure I can get better, but probably not better enough to make Christmas gifts for 2008.

My eyelid has twitched for two days now. Possible reasons:

  1. Fatigue (but I slept so much last night!)
  2. Nerve gas in the gallery (my temporary workspace while my regular spot is being remodeled (and, sadly, not in an exciting-new-good way)), possibly coming through the ventilation system as part of an attack on art, art librarians, and most specifically, those who deal with visual resources.
  3. My great-grandmother had this twitch, and every time I have a twitch of some sort, I’m pretty sure it’s just “my time” to develop a facial twitch of my own. It’s a little bit terrifying. I wonder if modern medicine has some way of alleviating permanent twitches… Like with the current one — could they somehow quiet the nerve without disfiguring my face? If I had to choose between constant eyelid twitching (that only I would notice, for the most part) and permanent eyelid disfigurement (that everyone else would notice), what would I choose? Probably disfigurement. Tough choices, though.


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3 responses to “Thrown

  1. jfochek

    I have to say your post reminds me of a wedding gift I received from a dear friend. She created two ceramic martini-style glasses with my wedding date engraved in the bases and sent them…

    Via USPS.
    In a shoe box.

    Of course, they arrived in a million pieces. If you went that route for Christmas, you could pull the whole “it’s the thought that counts” without all the “I fully expect you to use this.”

    All kidding aside, I’m sure you’ll get to be quite a ceramic artist. I’m totally looking for art classes to take after the move, so maybe I’ll join you!

  2. I could even pre-shatter them to save everyone a little awkwardness!

  3. Lindsey

    My vote is for nerve gas :-). However, I will say that honestly, fatigue can cause twitching, and I suggest calcium supplements (which you likely already take). Anyway…

    My work space (rather sleep space at work) is being remodeled, which means we must sleep on the floor on camping mats in the medical library. It’s pretty awesome. And…there was asboestos in the ceiling in the call room.

    Hope all is going well with you–I don’t think the twitch is permanent, and if it is, a focused injection of botox wouldn’t disfigure your face :-).

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