On the Smallness of the World

Yesterday approximately 6% of my high school class was at the Denver Underground Music Showcase. Granted, there weren’t very many of us in the class, and I knew one of them was going to be there. Still.

Last weekend I went to a couple of bars with Christopher — we had the same bartender at two different, unrelated locations — one on South Broadway and one on East Colfax — within about 14 hours. Today I ran into a neighbor who was working at Starbucks. It turns out she used to work at the Starbucks Chrisopher frequented a few years ago during his stint in the suburbs. I keep running into a girl from work in Broadway bars. One of my new employees is living in a friend’s old house, with the friend’s old roommates, but they have yet to meet. My roommate’s boyfriend just moved into a building that the same friend used to live in. Last weekend I went to a little open air market near my apartment (really little — like four booths), and knew the people running two (half!) of the booths.

I love and hate this. It’s not the biggest city, Denver, with 600,000 in the city proper and about 2.5 million in the metro area, but it seems like it would be too big for such occurrences. I’ve been here for about nine years. I realize I tend to frequent certain places that people I know also frequent. I live near a part of town that is a bit of a destination for people who live elsewhere. But still. Sometimes it feels a little stifling. Too small, etc. And then sometimes it makes it feel like home.


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