Two Favorites Revisited

I’ve raved before about the Philadelphia Museum of Art and how very much I love it, and I love it no less after this trip.  My favorite piece is, without a doubt, Cy Twombly’s Fifty Days at Ilium.  There is a room dedicated to it, and it deserves this room.  Twombly says so much with so little.  I just can’t get over it.

Note: I have a dating story about Cy Twombly (Twombly as conversation piece, not as participant).  Maybe tomorrow.

Also: they have so many Dada and Surrealist masterpieces!  Even Joseph Cornell boxes!

And then there was New York art…  Jenny and I thought we’d go up for the day and see two museums (maybe even three).  I know better than this.  Looking at art (really looking) is a fantastic but exhausting undertaking.  It’s hard to see a whole museum at all, much less two.  In the end, we went to P.S. 1 alone, and it could not have been better.  They must have known I was coming.  The stars aligned, and there just happened to be a show on contemporary Finnish artists, and this show just happened to include Jari Silomaki, whose work I discovered at Kiasma in Helsinki three years ago (almost to the day).  Wow.  I love his Weather Diary, for which he takes a photograph each day and then writes on it something that happened — either related to his photograph or life in general, or to world events.  Here’s an example, and you can see many more (most of them?) on his website:

In short, the art was great.  It makes me wish I were closer to these art-hubs than I am, but I’m glad I get to visit them anyway.



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6 responses to “Two Favorites Revisited

  1. Uh-oh beware the wrath of Eric. He hates Cy.

    Sounds like a wonderful trip!!!

  2. Eric has obviously never seen Fifty Days at Ilium!! 🙂

  3. I’ve seen it on-line. Sorry…

  4. Eric: That doesn’t count.

  5. just returned from philly art museum this summer. did you visit the (relatively) new perelman building? maybe you can answer my question?

  6. I did go to the new building, and it was fabulous! I’m disappointed I missed that particular show, though! I think that sculpture is Felix Gonzalez-Torres, and I think it’s just a different installation of this: (the exhibition was from their collections, and as far as their online catalog admits, that’s the only Gonzalez-Torres they own). Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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