95-Degree Heat Never Felt So Good

I’m not a big fan of heat in general, but I have to say I much, much, much prefer the dry heat of Denver (even when we whine that it’s humid, it soooo isn’t) to the humid heat of Philadelphia.  Philadelphia was fun.  We were outside in the hot, hot heat a lot, and it was still fun, if smelly (us and everyone else).  Last night there was lightning, but no rain.  Well, I thought maybe I felt little sprinkles of water at one point, but it turned out just to be condensation from air conditioning units in the windows we walked under.

Oh…  I have a lot to write about — the travels themselves, my first Chinatown bus experience, the art I saw (it involves Finland!!!), the little details everywhere that completely fascinated me, an embarrassing incident, the ridiculous number of books I’ve finished in 8 days (4, and I’m halfway through another).  BUT I awoke this morning at 4 (that’s 2 a.m. Denver time), and was only able to sleep for about an hour on the plane.  So I’m tired.  Happy to have been away (and in such a gorgeous, raw, old, lovely city), and happy to be back.


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