Naked on 17th Avenue

Don’t worry — I was clothed!

Last night Christopher and I were having dinner at P17 (because it was closed when we tried to go at lunch! The nerve!), when we heard a little ruckus coming eastbound on 17th Avenue. It was a mass of people on bikes — 50 people, maybe? And they were naked on bikes and rollerblades, with police escorts, chanting lovely things like “burn fat, not oil! No more war on foreign soil!” It was completely amusing, and it’s good to see people gathering together in support of something. Most of them were actually only mostly naked, in some kind of underwear to be honest — probably some kind of legal thing.

Anyway, P17 was really good — maybe a little pricey. I prefer the lighter pho I’ve had in Aurora and on Federal, but this was good, if overpriced. The drinks are excellent, and the desserts divine. They even had a delicious clove-lychee sorbet, which was naturally dairy- and gluten-free. Mmm. Wow.

Yesterday was the first day of my vacation, which so far has entailed a lot of eating and drinking locally, as well as getting an eye exam (they’re deteriorating, but only a little!). Monday “vacation” will consist of getting my teeth cleaned and getting new glasses, doing laundry, throwing some pottery, and reading. On Tuesday, in the wee hours, I head out to Philadelphia for a week to hang out with my sister and swelter in heat and humidity. I can hardly wait. I haven’t been away for this long since I started my job, and I think it will be really good. Plus I miss my sister, and I haven’t been out to visit her since she moved east.

I might post a bit here and there while I’m away, and I might not.

The Philadelphia/Multipurpose Mix (not yet travel-tested):


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