So a couple weeks ago I broke down and saw Sex and the City with a friend, even though I haven’t really watched the show (though I have another friend who references it frequently, as in, “that’s just like Season 4, Episode 4, where Carrie…” etc.). Anyway, the movie: fine, I guess. Except for the obsession with things, whether they be shoes or houses or tummies. I was glad to see Carrie reading a library book, even though it was obviously only there to bring in part of the plot. Also: most library books don’t come with the little due-date cards anymore. I know — I wish they did, too. But I’ve encountered many a library book, and they very rarely do. So after that point (and it happened early on), I took everything with a grain of salt. Movies, apparently, only kind of reflect real life. Who knew?

Getting to the point: there was this preview before the movie about a high school documentary (esque?) film…?Does anyone know what it was? It looked mildly gross and awkward and uncomfortable and endearing and sweet and cruel, just like we all did when we were in high school (or at least I was). And I want to see it. Very badly.

Also, I was in total empathy mode when I watched the preview for another movie, which will star Jennifer Aniston, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, and Scarlett Johannson, among others. And then, at the end of the preview, they showed the title: He’s Just Not That Into You. Because the book wasn’t enough. Stupid book. Stupid people. Ugh. I’m boycotting that one. Maybe I should read it, but I kind of despise that book.


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