Los Limones

Life gave me lemons this week!  But not in a bad way!

I missed the UPS truck on Thursday.  And on Monday.  And on Tuesday.  But on Wednesday I made the trek up to Commerce City and sat around reading my new favorite book while I waited for the UPS “runner” to retrieve my parcel.  The box was marked fragile, but it was extraordinarily light.  And there was a funny rustling when I moved it — lighter, scratchier than styrofoam peanuts.  I got to my car and opened the box with my car key.  At first glance, I thought I had flowers, dead or dying because I had missed so many delivery attempts, with all of their leaves piled in the bottom of the box.  But no!  It is a Meyer lemon tree from my dear Texan friend!  And it’s just going through a little transplant shock, but here’s how it looked (in my bathtub) just after I potted it:

It still pretty much looks the same — a little Charlie Brownish at the moment, but I have high hopes.  I think my lovely dinner guests last night were a little perplexed by this transplant-shocked plant.  Anyway, I’m excited, and hoping for the best.  Any advice from green-thumb types would be appreciated — how do I get leaves on this thing again?

In other news, I have this idea that people I like must like eggplant.  And they don’t all like it.  Which is baffling, I know.  I was concerned about it last night (after I began cooking, and when it was too late to change course), but luckily Eric and Maria liked it, and it was good to catch up.  Anyway, I need to start asking the dreaded eggplant question, or finding something a little more universally liked to cook…  Or force everyone who ever eats over to eat eggplant…  hmm…

Also: NPR on FM sounds really, really super good!  Congratulations on the move, KCFR!



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3 responses to “Los Limones

  1. Leslie!!! That is so exciting.

    I am jealous. I want an indoor citrus tree! Pele would destroy it, though. I can’t keep any houseplants within reach (only have hanging). I don’t know how helpful it is, but here’s a little ‘how to care for indoor citrus’ info:

    Caring for Indoor Citrus

    Here is a brief guide for keeping your indoor citrus plants happy and healthy:

    * Location: Make sure your plants receive five to six hours of sunlight. Set your tree in a southern exposure, if possible, or supplement the light by using 40 watt fluorescent shop lights above the plants.
    * Fertilizer: Use an acidic fertilizer during the plant’s active growing season in late winter, June and August. Use a high-nitrogen-low phosphorus food (20-10-10) or one specifically for citrus every time you water.
    * Water: Your pot must have good drainage as you water every few days. Mist the leaves and give your tree a shower occasionally.
    * Humidity: Homes in winter have drier air, so try a tray of pebbles under the pot.

  2. I’m so jealous of your tree! I’ve been trying to grow my dwarf citrus trees for 2 years.

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