Some Trends Shouldn’t Reappear

How did we not learn our lesson the first time?

(from American Apparel.  If you buy one, I’ll disown you.)



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2 responses to “Some Trends Shouldn’t Reappear

  1. At the risk of sounding unpopular…

    Haha–I love that.

    Not ’cause it’s trendy. Just cause it’s wacky. You know what I like more, though? Scented shirts. Funny. I just love scented things. Although it’s highly disappointing (not highly malodorous) because the smell washes out after a few washes.

    Trends have always amused me. I don’t really try too hard to go with or against them. I go with what pleases me and generally speaking what’s out there to buy is usually influenced heavily by what’s trendy.

    Now I know what I should’ve gotten you for your birthday.

    I kid! 😀

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