Arts Festival Standout

I’m so tempted by this work by Cali Hobgood-Lemme:

It was one of only two or three things that caught my eye at all, and her work is the only thing I can fathom hanging up in my living space. Someday I’ll be rich and sophisticated, and I won’t hang things on my walls using sticky-tack anymore.  Someday.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of taking portraits of my typewriters (a couple are pictured here, but as you can see, the photography isn’t all that great).

Cherry Creek Art Festival Tips:  Don’t step in gum.  It’s really hot, which makes gum gummier.  It just might get all over your big toe, and people will almost plow over you as you try to deal calmly with the situation.  There is no sympathy at CCAF.  Just a lot of people who walk at strikingly different paces and seem not to take notice of anything beyond their companions.  There’s one street devoted to children — well worth avoiding.  There’s another street devoted to food, which won’t even sound good because it’s so hot.  And there’s a cool lady, Marie Vlasic, who has a painting of the waiting area at Watercourse Foods.  She also has cool Hebrew tattoos, and she was telling someone what they meant while I was checking out her work.  One means something like “will,” or something.  It was interesting, but I can’t remember it exactly.

Nonetheless, it got me thinking about “be” verbs, and the different between being and willing yourself to be (if there’s a difference).  Are we only our actions, what we do?  Or are we only the meaning we give to everything around us?  Probably both, and neither.  It’s probably different for everyone.  I lean more heavily towards meaning, though (the meaning of my actions and experiences is often more important than the actions and experiences themselves).  Sometimes I think that’s the harder way to be, and I should consider just being/doing, with no meaning attached.  If only…



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3 responses to “Arts Festival Standout

  1. Fun.

    Sorry about the gum. I’ve had that experience. Not fun.

    I got burned by someone’s cigarette at the Pecan Street Festival in Austin when I was a kid. OW.

    Anyway…happy birthday tomorrow.

  2. Maura

    I saw that piece at the festival and thought of you and your love of typewriters. So much of the art there was so amazing and I found myself saying that same “Someday.”

  3. Hey there, just stumbled across your entry through good ol’ google. Thanks for the mention! My tattoos mean “Intention” and “to heal the World”. Feel free to “visit” anytime. Hope you are having a lovely week!

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