Lately Loving

Basia Bulat: Listen to “I Was a Daughter” here (bad (non-existent) video, but it’s the non-muffly album recording). Best line: “gave away our hearts before we knew what they were.”

Which, I think, is the only way we can give away our hearts. Otherwise, it is just not possible. It’s the tragedy of getting to know yourself, of valuing your heart, of knowing what’s at stake (if nothing else). I’m half regretful, half glad about this. Okay, mostly regretful. On behalf of myself and others who can’t help but hesitate.

Also loving: Arthur and Yu, especially “1,000 Words.” Read a review here. I don’t know the lyrics yet. They might be good, maybe not. I just like how it sounds.

Mostly my problem with writing lately is not knowing how (or if) to write about being kind of down.

Today’s reasons to not be down (as though “being down” can be reasoned-up, when there’s no good reason for being down in the first place…):

  • Batch import of files is working on the test site, with a few modifications needed! Hooray! It’s about time! Now the work really begins on getting a few of the bigger purchased metadata files ready to go!
  • Tea this morning, no coffee (actually, I think this has given me a headache and made me irritable, but that’s good, right?).
  • Tea this afternoon (the Whole Foods lady called and said they had a bag of jasmine pearl waiting for me!!) (not consumed, just purchased).
  • Cooking myself sausage/tomato/spinach risotto for dinner — total comfort food. Tasty.
  • The Latico wallet I bought myself as an early birthday gift was very nearly delivered today. I might work from home late tomorrow afternoon in hopes of intercepting it from UPS…
  • McSweeney’s is sending me a whole new copy of the short-story portion of Issue 27 because mine was born without pages 30, 31, 34, 35, 38, 39, 42, and 43. Hooray!
  • The professor who teaches a little bit of everything interesting also gives tarot readings. We’re scanning and cataloging some tarot cards for her to teach (art history) with, and she’s offered a reading in return for handling her rush order… I’m totally taking her up on that offer…

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  1. Lindsey

    Mmmm.. Risotto. That sounds so good. I used to make good risotto with tomatoes, basil, chicken, and mozarella until Noah proclaimed his dislike for risotto (and cous cous…ugh). And…good for you for giving up caffeine. The headache will go away eventually :-).

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