Rereading that last post, I realize I focused a lot on the “no mores,” and didn’t even mention the things I’ve discovered because I went gluten- and dairy-free! These have been the best part! I already knew a lot about fresh fruit, but I’d never had figs. Figs are good. So are kumquats. I discovered chard, fennel, collard greens, beets (with greens!), shallots, jicama.  In the grain department, I found arborio rice and quinoa, learned to make risotto.  I discovered rice milk and almond milk and rice crackers and Nut Thins and Lara bars and tahini and baba ganoush.  And ceviche.  I’m sure I’m leaving lots out, but eating (relatively) well hasn’t been so bad.


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  1. Kumquats, fun to eat and fun to say.

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