Things Done and Doing

It’s an action-packed weekend, this one.  Last night we went to the Museum of Contemporary Art — there was an opening, as it happened, but we skipped the DJ, etc., and just went for the art.  I went a few weeks ago, too, and was again struck by Jasper de Beijer’s creative work — he makes these little sets (I hate to call the dioramas because I feel like there must be a more sophisticated word) and then photographs them.  His Le Sacre du Printemps is mind-blowing, heartbreaking, lovely.

And today has been exciting, too!  Just up the street, there’s the Art Student League’s Summer Art Market.  It’s always ridiculously hot there, but a friend and I had a nice walk around.  I’m highly tempted by some of their ceramics, and I may have fallen in love with a print or two.  Luckily I don’t even have to bother with parking, so I’ll probably be back tomorrow, maybe or maybe not with cash.  For today, though, I restrained myself!

I was not able to restrain myself so much at the Denver Public Library’s annual book sale, however.  I’ve been pretty good lately about not buying books (and I’m slowly, slowly making my way through Anna Karenina, so I have a full reading plate for a bit longer).  I have not been so great about not buying music, though, and sure enough, the sale included the library’s deaccessioned media items.  Woo hoo!  Priced at $1 each, I couldn’t resist the cds.  And want to know a secret?  The library has a most excellent music collection…  So, the newest acquisitions, which set me back $4, are:

  • Sia, Colour the Small One, which includes “Breathe Me,” the sob-inducing track (in spite of its hopeful tone) from the sob-inducing last episode of Six Feet Under
  • Nellie McKay, Get Away from Me (based on Eric’s love of her)
  • Damien Jurado and Gathered in Song, I Break Chairs, which includes the track “Like Titanic.”  He opened for someone (Okkervil River?) last year…
  • Mia Doi Todd, The Golden State (she opened for Jose Gonzalez, and I liked her music).

So, yes, it was all a success.  Tonight: a graduation party.  Tomorrow: maybe some more art browsing…


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  1. Cool, you got Nellie McKay!!! (pronounced ma-kye, just so you know, weird huh?)

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