PDX; Catching Up

I’ve been away!  But I’m back!

My mom and I went to Portland for the weekend, and it was lovely.  I wondered several times why anyone lives anywhere else.  It was just gorgeous — the weather was cool and cloudy, it rained, everything is green, the food is fantastic, and the people there are great.  It doesn’t quite have Helsinki beat, but Portland is near the top of my short list of favorite cities.  Highlights included a drive up the Columbia River, meeting up with a friend for coffee, the Japanese garden, and some light shopping.  There’s this store that specializes in wine, chocolate, flowers, and salt.  I am in love.

I am in love, and I hardly took pictures.  I just kept forgetting my camera.  My mom brought hers, though (she’s really getting into photography, and has taken some amazing shots!), so maybe she’ll let me post some soon.

Assorted notes on Portland and time spent there:

  • We saw someone proposing, on his knee, on the bridge crossing Multnomah Falls.  It was beautiful and sickening.  Sorry — I’m being honest.  Mostly it was sweet, I guess.
  • Related: I realized how much I’ve become a left-hand-looker.  I check out people’s (everyone’s) left ring finger, just to see if they’re married.  I get annoyed when there is a ring on the left ring finger of someone who is annoying me.  It’s silly.  I hate that I do it.  I do it anyway.
  • Powell’s is fabulous.  You don’t need me to tell you this.
  • Japanese gardens are like landscape poetry.  Each plant and stone is like a word, the arrangement is grammar.  It’s like moderately structured poetry, too — a haiku vs. the perfectly structured sonnet; Japanese gardens vs. English rose gardens.  Lovely.
  • Subaru Outbacks have this crazy cool option where you can choose between a standard or an automatic.  While you’re driving.
  • There is a fabulous little gluten-free bakery in Corvallis, where we spent a couple of days with my mom’s friend (and my high school Physics teacher!).  I had a gluten-free, dairy-free chai muffin.  You can’t even know how delicious it was.
  • I don’t need anything at IKEA, ever.  I just kind of have to go in every time an opportunity presents itself.  Compulsively.
  • I ran into Bela Karoli (the whole band!) in the gardens.

In short, I would live in Portland.

And I’m tired.  And I haven’t been writing.

Why have I not been writing?

  • Everything seems too personal for this blog
  • I don’t know who’s reading it
  • I’ve been busy
  • I feel like too much of my life is built on these strange online relationships…

These might be good reasons, but

  • I like writing in this format
  • I like these strange online relationships that I wouldn’t have kept if not for the blog.

And so…  It’s kind of been a sorting-out time for me, I guess. I don’t know how to talk about a lot of things going on right now (with work and personal relationships and even where I’m going and what I’m seeing).  Rather, I do know how to talk about them in general, but not to a semi-public (i.e. uncontrolled) audience.  And it’s just sort of a weird place to be in.  I will say: I’m in a relationship, and it’s going well, I think.  Better than usual, I think, though it’s weird to attach words like “usual” to words like “relationship” — feels a little cheap or something.  I even hesitate to say how well it’s going for fear that somehow my saying that will change the course, and it will all be shot to hell…  I’ll just say that he makes me think and he makes me laugh.  I wish I could say he doesn’t make me fret anxiously at times, but that’s not true, quite possibly because of my anxious, fretting nature.  Ugh.  I’m so tired of my anxious, fretting nature.

Work is going well — I’m learning, and I wish I had time to learn more.  My space at work is changing (again), and it stresses me out, but it’s kind of inevitable, and I just need to face it and make the best of it (it will probably even be for the better, post-disruption!).  Today: Indian and Chinese art, and also this summer some medieval art and modern design.  I’m loving the modern design most of all.  Like Jackie Kennedy’s wedding gown, created by Ann Lowe, among so many others (currently working on cataloging images of works by female designers…)

So.  Sorry for the delay in posting.  Here’s a song to appease you: New Buffalo, Cheer Me Up Thank You:

Is there a more perfect song for the season, for tonight?  No.



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3 responses to “PDX; Catching Up

  1. I am so thankful for your blog. Strange way to work on a friendship, but what can you do?

  2. “Related: I realized how much I’ve become a left-hand-looker. I check out people’s (everyone’s) left ring finger, just to see if they’re married. I get annoyed when there is a ring on the left ring finger of someone who is annoying me. It’s silly. I hate that I do it. I do it anyway.”

    This is part of the natural aging process, I swear it is. At twenty, I had friends in their early 30s and I was amazed at the accuracy with which they could spot a wedding band.

    They were doing it for different reasons than you. Your reasons are better.

    Glad you are back.

  3. Thanks for the beefy blog. I understand your blog nervousness, of course.

    I love Portland, too! I went once a couple years before Pele was born. We had great food and the weather was terrible because we went in February (or late January). However, it was still beautiful. Powell’s was amazing and I didn’t get to see the Japanese gardens (bad timing). We planned to go back last year but we didn’t want to go there with a small squirrelly toddler so we nixed that idea. Too bad I couldn’t come with you–would’ve been fun to see those places with you. I’m glad you had a good time!

    Your Loyal Uncle,


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