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I totally should have hung on to my little Geo Metro. I felt a little bad about selling it when I did — friends paid $500 for it, and, while the gas mileage was phenomenal, there was a little door-opening situation (the driver’s door only opened from the inside, and the passenger door only from the outside).  I think they were happy, but I wondered if it was really worth that much. I did mostly love it, though. And now the little Geo Metros are in demand again!! I just found this one on eBay — pretty much exactly like mine, and it went for $2,025! Note that it has door problems, too.  And rust, which mine didn’t have!

Geo Metro



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2 responses to “Nostalgia / NostalGeo

  1. Awww…

    Hehee. Sorry about your Metro. I love little cars. I have this thing where I really want to paint a mural of sorts on a car but I’ve never done it and I probably never will but if you ever want me to paint your car…well…the offer stands! ahhaaa…


    p.s. the 2 older cars I had before my Toyota Corolla ended up selling or trading for 500, too, which I thought was too little! I mean, yes, the blue book value probably wasn’t a ton but still. Selling it to a friend sounds more satisfying than selling it to some random car dealership that is screwing you for money anyway. So I think you can feel decent about that…

  2. Yeah, we were discussing the CNN article – – about the Geo Metro being the new (old), hot car. It gets the same MPG as my Prius. I feel pretty foolish, now.

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