Signs of Geekiness

  1. You want to add subjects to all of the songs in your iTunes music library so you can pull up songs dealing with themes such as “childhood,” “home,” and “days” with ease.
  2. You want to memorize the PLUs for all produce you frequently buy.  Just because.  You have candid conversations about this with grocery store employees.  In front of someone you’re dating, who is a little mortified that you’re that geeky.
  3. The books on your bed right now (there are five) include Anna Karenina, Culinary Artistry, Portraits (which are only moderately dorky), plus XML in a Nutshell, and On Language.  You’re halfheartedly reading all of them.  At once.

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One response to “Signs of Geekiness

  1. Here are a three of my geeky signs.

    1) You disorganize your filing system just so you can reorganize it.
    2) You make lists of things you have already done, just so you can check them off.
    3) You can’t wait to re-read Anna Karenina.

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