Over My Head

I’ve begun to catalog in my sleep. I dream of animals telling me about new subject terms. I get frustrated because they can’t write the terms down, and I know I won’t remember them in the morning. I solve XML problems gracefully, teasing out the important parts, leaving the rest like a pile of autumn leaves. By the time my alarm goes off, I’ve been at work for hours. Subject terms are, indeed, forgotten, and XML remains beastly. I think I need to learn XSLT. I don’t even know if that’s a grammatically correct sentence.

This is gross, but I feel like my teeth have gotten significantly yellower in the past three or so days. I have three theories for this: 1.) I’m imagining things, and my teeth have always been like this; I’m only noticing now, 2.) amoxicillin, even though my dental hygienist friend says the discolored teeth/antibiotic thing is developmental, or 3.) VitaminWater. Yes, that’s right, folks — I tasted my very first VitaminWater this week. I chose it based on flavor and the cool black label, only noticing later that the flavor was called “XXX.” I also discovered this new vitamin called “evaporated cane juice.” Mmm.

It’s definitely not the worst thing I’ve ingested this week. I’m an eating and drinking monster. I am in total snack mode. I can do better than this. I even did do better than this on Saturday, when we made Jamie Oliver’s scallops with roasted tomatoes and prosciutto on a bed of smashed white beans. Very tasty. It’s just hard to get motivated most other nights.

So, when I wrote that first paragraph, I was pretty down about having to learn XSLT, but looking into it a little more, I think it might actually be manageable. It might even be fun. It almost makes me want to go to work right now, at 9:20 p.m., and play with it.

But first, other news: Went to a concert last night — Hello Kavita (missed most of that show, sadly, because they’re pretty good), Bela Karoli (fantastic — a new favorite, AND I discovered I know one of the band members), and Sea Wolf (who I really liked circa November/December, but whose lyrics I grew bored with). Bela Karoli definitely made the evening worthwhile, though, and you should check them out.



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3 responses to “Over My Head

  1. PS — the amoxicillin TOTALLY worked on the sinus infection. Kind of beautifully, actually. Sorry for knocking antibiotics.

  2. Howdy L,

    Interesting dreams. Hehe. I need to write mine down again. Gotta love animals in dreams…

    I am on the fence about antibiotics. I’ve taken them before, but only when absolutely necessary. There are a lot of people who think they are overused and therefore resistant strains of bacteria are cropping up (hence the harder and harder to treat infections) because of this over-prescribing of antibiotics and the excessive use of antibacterial products. I try not to overdo it myself.

    I had to take a couple rounds of antibiotics during my pregnancy for stubborn bacterial infections and UTI’s and yeast infections that wouldn’t go away. What worked better than anything, however, was cutting back on sugar and taking PRObiotics to repopulate my body with good bacteria to battle the bad bacteria that kept coming in causing infections.

    However, I am starting to wonder if the antibiotic rounds I took did damage to my teeth and Pele’s teeth while she was in the womb. I did do some research on that. Pele’s baby teeth very easily decayed, and I still think it was due, in part at least, to my being sick during my pregnancy and needing rounds of antibiotics. I also had an antibiotic drip at the hospital during my labor. I also had several cavities after having Pele, despite having very few cavities before being pregnant. So…I dunno, I’m suspicious. I’m just saying…hehee.

    I think that, obviously, there are other factors to consider when taking antibiotics, such as the severity of the infection. I probably wouldn’t have taken them at all except for the fact that the type of infections I had could’ve been detrimental to Pele (probably not, but there is a chance) so I didn’t want to risk it. It’s kind of like trading one problem for another.

    Anyway-err. Sorry fo the negative sounding post. I have struggled with various types of infections and I still think that nutrition and self-care are the best ways to treat problems, but I do think that sometimes when an infection sets in it’s better just to deal with it if it’s stubborn and you’ve been suffering.



  3. They say that if you dream about your job it means you are dissatisfied with your work.

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