Not Waiting It Out

So I was going to wait out the sinus infection I developed late last week because antibiotics make me nervous (like I’m not already neurotic enough) (that makes it sound like there’s something in the drugs that make me nervous, which isn’t the case — it’s just the fact of taking them, throwing everything off balance, etc.) (when did I turn into this person? Oh my god).  Then I started reading about how a sinus infection can erode the bone and enter your brain.  That doesn’t sound good.  So I have a whole bunch of amoxicillin, now, and I’m just going to see what happens.  Hopefully one result will be that my upper right jaw stops hurting.

The conference went so, so very well.  I gave my first big presentation, and wasn’t really nervous about it by the time it rolled around finally.  I messed up, but did so with relative grace (I think), and people asked good questions and seemed interested, AND (best) it’s over.  The parties I planned with a colleague were a big hit, too, eliciting an e-mail from the editor of one of the biggest and best art library databases ever complimenting us on our successful planning!  So that was exciting.

Also, I have some big new ideas for work, and I’m excited about those…  Mostly letting people know what it is I do, and linking people to more information about what they’re seeing, which might not sound all that exciting, but is.

Not much else is going on.  Or at least I’m not up to writing about much else?  I’ve pretty much killed the shamrock I so loved last year, but it might be making a comeback.  And I’m thinking of shifting towards succulents (given the environment around here, I think they’ll fare better).



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3 responses to “Not Waiting It Out

  1. Ouch. Sorry about your sinus infection.

    I am prone to sinus infections. They seem worse when I have dairy or sugar. I am also prone to yeast infections so I have to take probiotics (the strong kind in pill form at the health food store) while I’m taking antibiotics.

    Hope you feel better soon, and congrats on the conference and other wins!



  2. strider

    I’m glad to hear the conference went well!

    Plants that can make a comeback are my favorite. I like my philodendron for this reason–although I feel they are rather common plants. I don’t know anything about shamrocks so I did some very preliminary web searches–mainly because I didn’t realize shamrocks were good household plants. A couple sites mentioned the plants going dormant (either in the winter or if too hot), I was just skimming, but maybe that’s what’s going on?

    I also hope the jaw pain is sinus infection related. It might also be stress related. If it doesn’t go away, let me know. I (unfortunately) know quite a lot about jaw pain, diagnosed as TMJ, and yet (fortunately) have a great dentist–(unfortunately) often not insurance covered–in this area.

  3. Lindsey

    I want you to know that antibiotics are not evil :-), in fact I give antibiotics to at least 2 people a day and they get better! Here’s to you getting better with a little Vitamin A (moxicillin). Hope all is well otherwise. Would be fun to see you soon!

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