Of Interest

Cyclone vs. Hurricane vs. Typhoon:  The difference is merely regional.

Whisky vs. whiskey: another regional difference.

I’ve been meaning to read this for a while.  For now it has to wait, but at least I get to read the chapter on language in this one.  And the chapter on aphasia in this one.  Tonight, even!



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3 responses to “Of Interest

  1. Interesting about whiskey. I’ve been wondering the same about theatre. Some write theater. I’m so confused.

  2. Stateside, “theatre” basically pegs one as an Anglophile. Americans spell it “theater.” Seriously, folks, if we’re going to pick and choose British spellings to adopt, let’s skip theatre and start with judgement (vs. the American “judgment” — what an ugly cluster of consonants!)

  3. I have travelled this road before.

    Oddly enough, we were passing around this yankee/dixie quiz at work two days ago that discusses regional variations in language. I learned that in southern Minnesota a water fountain is called a bubbler and that I am 26% dixie.


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