Attempts at Domesticity

Real cooks probably don’t take cues from comics.  What does it mean to “dot each layer with butter” anyway?  My interpretation involved pouring a little melted butter over each layer, which in turn involved using an entire stick of butter, and resulted in a dish tasting mostly of butter and pepper, with a slight turnip texture.  I can usually handle some butter, but this is something I probably shouldn’t be eating.  Not bad, though, if you do like butter.



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3 responses to “Attempts at Domesticity

  1. Hmmmmm…I think that this has gone wrong in many ways. Primarily I am uncomfortable that turnips are considered a food product.

  2. haha! I love that this is coming from the vegan! 🙂

  3. hehee…

    I made something that was too buttery today, too.

    I tend to not measure…

    Anyway. Dotting with butter is usually little cold slivers of butter that are evenly distributed on the dish. It’s not a while lot…maybe a couple tablespoons of butter total. Depends on how big the dish is.

    Happy cooking!

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