I am so, so sick. Not that sick, I guess. Just a cold. Feeling a little miserable, though, pining over my lost ability to breathe and swallow comfortably. And there’s lots to do… It’s going to be mostly over in a week, though!

I’m glad, in spite of sickness and stress, I was able to make it out a bit this weekend. Last night I saw the PostSecret founder, Frank Warren, talk in Fort Collins — it was good to hear his story of how things began, how the project has changed, and what it’s meant to him. I didn’t like the sharing of secrets at the end, though. It made me a little uncomfortable for the secret sharers — I totally get the importance of sharing things with others, but a crowd of strangers? And the website (where people share secrets with the world) still preserves anonymity, so the whole public-forum-sharing-of-secrets thing was sort of weird. But I can see why Frank feels like it’s important to allow people that opportunity.

And then today I finally made it over to The Lab for their current exhibition (which closes this week! Hurry over!). The Failure exhibit wasn’t as great as I’d hoped (there were a few interesting pieces, but on the whole I wasn’t blown away). Phil Bender’s was very… Phil Bender? I like the idea of objects repeated, of the similarities and differences, and how ownership and use (or neglect) of an object can change it… But I wouldn’t hang them on my wall. Mary Lucier stole the show, for sure — her video installation, Plains of Sweet Regret was pretty fantastic — these stark landscapes, beautiful deserted houses and barns, then townscapes and cattle and people, and a somewhat nauseating rodeo segment, set to George Strait’s “If I Hurry I Can Still Make Cheyenne.” It was good.

Speaking of cattle… I’ve been overexposed to images of farm animals giving birth in the past 20 hours or so… There was a scene in Lucier’s work (kind of beautiful — gross and natural at the same time) of a cow giving birth. And last night I watched an episode of This American Life in which the team documents covering a story on pig farming. It was more or less awful to watch (though I’m glad I did), but there was still this one, beautiful, gross, natural moment of piglets being born. Strangely that was the one thing that sent their sound guy over the edge, and he hasn’t eaten meat since.

I feel like a city girl, disconnected from all of these things I grew up around (sort of). My food and clothes come from stores, my gas from a pump. My job is pretty sterile (if you don’t count slide grime). Everything I own or consume is handled by so many people before it gets to me. It’s probably not worth worrying about tonight… Before I get back to work: a trip to Walgreen’s. Seriously, how can I run out of tissue at a time like this?


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