Misanthropic Musings

I’m going to say something controversial, and I know you’re not going to like it:  I don’t like Lucile’s.  I mean, the food is fine, a little heavy and mostly glutenous/cheesy, but they do have a good eggplant dish on the menu.  It’s not really the food.  It’s mostly the crowd.

I can’t stand those people who loiter on the lawn all morning, block the sidewalk and can’t understand why anyone would want to pass through because How can this not be everyone’s destination? I think they come in from the suburbs.  They drive up Logan super slowly looking for a place to park and struggle into it while you miss your light because The only drawback is there’s no parking lot, and you actually have to parallel park, but oh my god, the food is so worth it, you guys, oh my god.  They bring their kids, they bring their parents, they bring their out-of-town guests because I swear, their biscuits are to die for. (And yeah, they’re kind of incredible and also very glutenous/dairy-laden).  It’s like this mecca for people who won’t let go of their days in Boulder and Fort Collins.  They look around at the houses and dream of scraping them because Wouldn’t it be so cute if we all had matching houses here, oh my god, you guys, it would be just like that one year back in college.

Anyway, I wish those people, with their labs and strollers and chinos and polos and fleece and nostalgia, would find somewhere else to eat so that I didn’t have to pass by them every Saturday and Sunday.

Yes, I’m bitter about it.  I’m getting sick and I’m whiny and stressed about this conference and my presentation, but I’m also being lazy and complainy instead of industrious.  Sorry.  Also, it might snow today.  I’m going to go buy some cold medicine and get some work done today so that I can have an empty tomorrow.



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4 responses to “Misanthropic Musings

  1. Good luck on your empty Sunday! So because I don’t know about Lucille’s does that make me ultra-hip or terribly uncool? The latter.

  2. It probably just means that you don’t live in my neighborhood currently, or didn’t live in Boulder or Fort Collins at any point.

  3. I think Lucilles is one of the best breakfasts in town. Then again, my matching house in college was way overrated.

  4. Kavi

    Oh my gosh! I am a huge non-fan of Lucille’s, too! I thought I was the only one…

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