They’ve ranked Crown Royal with Deal or No Deal, bowling, and Rachael Ray.  This changes my whole world-view.  I don’t drink Crown Royal (more about my whiskey aversion some other time, maybe), but I always thought Crown wasn’t that low-class, ranking with Deal or No Deal, Rachael Ray, and bowling.  I should note that I like bowling occasionally, but I wholeheartedly suck at it, and wouldn’t exactly call it a passion.  I can’t stand Rachael Ray, and I don’t get the trend in game shows of late — I figure they must be cheaper than actual plots and acting (however weak)?



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6 responses to “Wait…

  1. Bowling is awesome. I even have a special bowling name…Dragon Slayer!

  2. I think Crown Royal is the snobby cousin of Mad Dog; it thinks it is great, but it is really just nasty.

  3. jfochek

    I think it must be bowling in exclusively in Altoona, Pa., because it’s a pretty hoity-toity activity down here (as evidenced by $7 games, $4.50 shoes, and $10 martinis at 300 Dallas – ouch). Please tell me this breaks my potential link to Rachel Ray.

  4. strider

    I thoroughly enjoy sipping scotch, whiskey, and bourbon. I cannot support that Crown is nasty. For a blended whiskey it is a nice on-hand bet. Granted, I will also absolutely mix with it–’tis a great foundation for a hot toddy–but I will sip it, neat.

  5. Jenny — I bet Dallas has some low-class bowling alleys, too! And if you had (or when you have) a cooking show, you would/will be way classier than Ms. Ray, more along the lines of Giada or Nigella (my personal favorite), I think.

  6. Paige

    What about Wii bowling? You are pretty good at that. You can just come over here to do that…no cost but gas to get to downtown. 🙂
    While I agree that Giada and Nigella are much more classy, I will take Food Network anytime anywhere. My friend calls is “Food Porn” because it is so addictive.

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