I’m in stressed-out, list-making mode.  I’m sparing you the lists…  I am ready for June, though.  For some reason I think June will be better.  Actually, I think there are many reasons why it just will.  The conference will be a load off my shoulders, and things will start looking up.  Not that they’re looking down…

This weekend was amazingly relaxing.  I went up to Estes Park and hung out — hiked a little, ate well, watched a movie, read, napped.  Beautiful.  It’s only an hour or so away, but feels like a mini vacation.  The hike, especially.  I’ve been really unmotivated to go because winter is, well, cold.  But this weekend was gorgeous, and we hiked with short sleeves through a little snow, to a lake (which was frozen, but melting).  The most beautiful thing I saw I can’t even really explain — little bits of water dripping between rocks and a layer of ice…  It reminded me a little bit of an etch-a-sketch, without the line left behind, just dark spots moving through white.  Anyway.

Elk: There were so many!  They graze around town like cattle on open range.  People don’t faze them.

I’m thinking about taking classes at the Art Students League…  It’s ridiculously close by, and a little more expensive than a couple of other options, but so, so convenient.  I’m thinking of doing some printmaking…  I can’t draw (well, it’s not so much that I can’t, but that I have very little motivation to even learn how), so I’m not sure what I would make prints of…  Probably words…  And not until June, when clouds are driven away and I’m a little less neurotic (maybe).

For now: some last minute cramming / learning about neurotransmitters and brain imaging techniques for a midterm tomorrow…  Sometimes I feel like at almost 27 I should be more focused than I am, but on what?

Song of the night: Jolie Holland‘s Springtime Can Kill You. Jolie Holland is lovely.  I finally bought Catalpa tonight to round out my collection.  So far, it’s more raw in spots than her other albums, but equally beautiful…


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