No Overarching Theme

Last night Barrett had me over for dinner, and let me tell you — the girl can cook!  We had tuna steaks and soup with a special name I can’t remember and baked grapefruit (who knew you could bake it?!?) and (the clencher) flourless peanut butter cookies.  These were made of no more than: peanut butter, brown sugar, and an egg, and they were (still are) amazing.  Even better: she didn’t have to dig and dig for a recipe I could eat — it’s already one of her favorites.  Apart from dinner, of course, it was good to catch up.  I have good friends.

And sometimes I wish I were a better friend.  I have these little incidents, stupid things I’ve done, that pile up in my mind.  When a new stupid thing is added to the list, I ruminate on all of the stupid things, trespasses against people I love, things I shouldn’t have done, mistakes I could have avoided.  It’s been a ruminating week.

It was summery yesterday, and today it’s snowing.  I love it.  I love it, and I’m going to drink hot chocolate (almond milk) tonight and pretend it’s winter, but with longer days and wetter snow.  Also: I’m going to hope for a snow day, even though they’re pretty unlikely in general (if it gets cold enough for ice to freeze on the power lines, though, it just might happen).

Power lines make me think of Public Works, and I wonder if I should call and report things such as: turned-around stop signs in my neighborhood, difficult-to-see traffic signals under I-25 at Broadway, power lines dangling down behind my apartment, and various dysfunctional “press to walk” buttons near work…  Do they check these things out regularly, or wait for complaints?  And if they wait for complaints, do they ever get any, or do we all assume someone else will take responsibility?  I have a theory that I’ve mentioned twice in the past couple weeks: People who design traffic systems probably design the lights at certain intersections to work in favor of their commute.  This is why some lights (like the one at Colorado and Hampden where Colorado is a puny little road, allegedly) are unreasonably long, and others are unreasonably short (like the double lights when you’re heading south on Grant and have to cross Speer).

On another (tangential) Public Works note: I’m increasingly annoyed that the City of Denver only offers its recycling program to buildings with seven or fewer units, and I want to know more about it.  If we’re really planning on being a sustainable, green city, why can’t we include people in multifamily housing?  Also, I want to know things like why they only accept plastic containers with larger bodies than mouths, and why they don’t educate more people on what they do and don’t accept.



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2 responses to “No Overarching Theme

  1. melissa

    Can’t say much about the urban planning questions you raised, but if there are, let’s say, arching/sparking power lines dangling behind your apartment, you should definitely report it. Electrocution isn’t nice. More than likely, though, they’re not live power lines, because whoever was without power would have called it in. Also possible they could also be some other type of wire. (Telephone and cable wires often run on the same poles in a second, lower bundle of wires; this is called the “communication corridor”).

    …Pro’ly more than you wanted to know, right? ; )

  2. The wide mouth plastic jar/container rule infuriates me. I have to save all of my take-away bowls and take them to the elementary school by my parents house. It seems stupid to me. My parents stopped their recycling because the charge for residential recycling service went up, while trash pick-up costs stay the same. I have a hard time buying a company’s commitment to greener living if they seem to punish people willing to recycle.

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