For the Better

At work sometimes I get excited and then get ahead of myself, and end up looking like an ass.  It happened today.  I decided we needed broad subject terms that would be from a controlled list and would be browseable (kind of like the broad terms from the Tate in my last post).  Anyway, I found a list online by a respected (if outspoken) colleague, and thought, “these are fantastic! I’ll implement them right away!”  Wanting faculty input (mostly additions to the list), I sent the list out, and they responded with gusto!  A few had some terms to add, a few have no idea what this field is about and what is better treated by other fields (I can’t blame them — it’s not obvious).  And then there were complaints about a couple of my sort of idiotic terms (which, actually, weren’t mine exactly, but my respected colleague’s terms which I hadn’t weeded out).  The idiotic terms included:  contemporary (since 1950), timekeeping (fine in someone else’s collection, maybe, but doesn’t make sense in ours), and a duo of terms (one of which would have been fine, but both together is kind of redundant): typography and calligraphy (as one term) and writing systems.

So, anyway, I kind of feel like an ass for putting those out there without thinking more about them.  Because I’m capable of figuring things like that out.  In the end, I’m sure my “feeling-like-an-ass” moment will result in a better list (it already has, actually), and that’s what matters.  I just kind of want to be perfect and infallible, though, you know?

Tonight (in less than an hour!): I get to see the Merry Wives of Windsor!


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